Wether its a sportive, etap, cross country, downhill or cyclocross race we offer you personalised and proffesional support packages. 


We aim to personalise your package to each rider or team. However to give you an idea of what we can offer here is our example package for a one day mtb xc race: 


  • Bike checked over and prepared by a qualifed cycle technician prior to the race

  • Designated, covered, warm up area which will provide the riders with an area in which to properly warm up and get mentally focused. This area will include a turbo trainer for each rider to warm up on, a selection of energy gels and sachets and a water refill point. We will also give you a 20 min and 5 min countdown to the start of your event.

  • During the race we will have at least one pre-determined spot where a team technician will be avalible to help should you experiance a mechanical.

  • After the race we will provide you with a comfotable area to cool down in and relax while we clean your bike for you. We even have tea and cake!

From a charity coast to coast ride with your work team to a group of freinds riding across the alps we aim to help you all get across the finish line of your multi-day epic. 


As every rider and every ride is different we persoanlise our support for you accordingly. However to give you a starting point here are the different levels of support we can provide.


Basic Support - We will provide you with:

  • A support vehicle.

  • A qualified mechanic

  • Meet you at various points along the ride to refill your drinks and keep you stocked up on supplies. 

  • We will also transport you baggage to your next over night stop or if you are planning on camping set up your tents ready for your arrival.


Comprehensive support: 

  • Work with you prior to your expedition to help plan a route.

  • Provide a support vehicle.

  • Provide a qualified mechanic.

  • Provide a guide to ride with you should you require.

  • Meet you at various points along the ride to refill your drinks and keep you stocked up on supplies. 



Race Support

Event Support


At TSC we are proud to offer personalised race and event support for indviduals or teams. This support programe means you get a proffesional level of support prior to, during and after you event allowing you to focus on you riding and getting the best time or result. 



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