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If you want to get a bit quicker on the climbs, lose those few stubborn pounds or get racing fit our cycling fitness plans are here to help. These training plans are designed to improve your cycling performance no matter what level you are at.


We offer one to one and group training sessions in the Weardale area, availble on request. From gym instruction to spinning classes our qualified team can help.


In addition to this we can provide online training plans, created by our fully qualifed cycling coach, fitness and static cycling instructor, which can be purchased from our Training Peaks page below!


Should you want a more bespoke training package to help you acheive your goals please contact us to see what we can do for you!! 

DIY Training Plans
One to One 
Pro Support

We use the very best training software to provide you with training plans that you can take away and follow wherever in the world you might be. From the cyclist new to the sport who just wants to get a bit quicker to the racer wanting to improve their finishing time we have plans for you! Simple follow the link below to our Training Peaks Store to see the plans avalible.

Each plan has been desinged as a stand alone plan giving you the flexibilaty to adapt it to your own timetable and resources whilst still having a structure to help you acheive your results.

A great way to acheive your goals is with one to one coaching. If you go for this package we talior a training plan to your ability, time constraints, resources and fitness level to help you acheive your goals!

As part of this package we  will set you up with a Training Peaks Online Account and create your monthly training plan for you. We will also send you your personalised training plan each day.


In order to track proggress and ensure you are getting the best out of the plan, your coach will contact you once a week via e mail or phone.


You will also have access to our help centre should you want any feedback in between catch up sessions.

For more information and to disscuss your individual needs click the link below! 

£80 Per Month

At the moment this package is only availble in County Durham however as we grow we aim to increase this to cater for anyone who wants it.

The Pro Support package is desinged with you and your goals in mind.

You get the same custom training plan as the One to One package but unlimited conact with your coach. This means sessions can be easily adapted and created using real time data. You will also get a Preimum Training Peaks Account which will allow you access to more training data and feedback options which will yeild better results.

Twice a month we will also arrange a face to face training session with your coach to help keep you on track. Typically one of these will be a fitness training session and one will be a skills based one. However we adapt this to best suit your needs.

Finally when you join you will get a free bike saftey check and 10% off all repair labour costs in our workshop.

For more information and to disscuss your individual needs click the link below!

£160 Per Month

Can't find what your looking for? Message us HERE to discuss your training needs?

£80 Per Month
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