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Where we came from and where we're going...

The idea of this blog is to share some training advice, maintenance tips and a bit more information about what we do here at TS Cycling. So to start with here is a quick overview of how TSC started, what we do and where we plan on going...

Where We Started:

Cycling has always been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember (growing up in a mountain bike mad house defiantly helped fuel this addiction) however over the last few years I've been lucky enough to turn this obsession into a business.

Over the years, since finishing a course in Outdoor Leadership from the University of Cumbria, I got to sample a variety of different parts of the cycling industry in the UK and Europe and the idea for TS Cycling started to take shape with each job and adventure undertaken. Over time this random selection of experiences and ideas developed creating the the three core aspects of TS Cycling. These three core areas have allowed TSC to evelove from an idea scribbled in a note book in a bike shed in Greece to a company I hope will help promote the sport I love and provide pro level support to every rider!

What We Do:

Day to day life in TS Cycling is varied to say the least. Our bread and butter is the maintenance side of the company. When we are not on the road this takes place in our County Durham based workshop where we run a mobile pick up an drop repair service. Having worked in bike shops for most of my career this is familiar territory and is a great way to meet new people and get to work on a wide range of bikes. The other side of this service is our freelance and neutral race support work which takes us away for most of the summer. This is a world I have been involved in for a few years now which has provided me with the chance to work on some amazing events all over Europe and get to work with some great people from all over the world.

During the winter and in between events and repairs we work on the other two core areas of the company. This is the cycling skills coaching and cycling specific fitness training which is run in County Durham. This happens in Hamsterley Forest for the skills coaching and at various locations around Bishop Auckland for the cycling specific fitness training. Of all the things that we teach, coach and do at TS Cycling this is the most fun, after all who doesn't enjoy riding their bike! The fitness side is also a part of the business that has an additional value for all the members of TS Cycling as fitter riders are happier riders! As well as this I race mountain bike cross country as do most of the team so any extra training is always a bonus.

Where Are We Going:

As our first year rattles on, the future looks very exciting as we have a few more events in France, Switzerland and Monaco still to do. As I am writing this we are also developing the winter training plans and sorting out our contracts for 2017. On a more fun note though we have a few races left on the calendar to get stuck into and a few top secret project which we hope to revel later in the year!

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